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In collaboration with the company YAS Protec, we have defined a specific protocol to work safely despite COVID 19. It allows us to increase the safety of all employees while preserving the crew members and the yacht.

In addition to the application of the instructions and barrier gestures, we increase social distancing through a system of physical partitioning. Our employees are equipped to limit risks by wearing mask and gloves. We set up confined workstations (tents) and disinfect them completely regularly.

The installation of a VMC ventilation system in the workstations takes over from the ship’s air conditioning and allows the regeneration of air by ejecting the air exhaled by the collaborators outside the yacht. The tents are depressurized thanks to these ventilations. This system allows crews to be completely separated from exterior people. When the protective devices are removed, the area of the ship concerned is again completely disinfected.

This modus operandi has been set up with the active participation of our clientWe are at your disposal for any further information and are ready to communicate all the details of our modus operandi to anyone who requests it.

Life goes on !