Nautech Group has always satisfied client expectations within the superyacht standards.

Over the years Nautech Group  has carried out several painting projects on yachts over 50m+. We have much experience in advising clients about the most appropriate choice of paint.

With our experience, we know that preparation and protection are one of the keys to a good final result.

A good working condition through the project is essential but depends on many things such as scaffolding, clean atmosphere, removal of fittings…

We work continuously to optimise and maintain the highest standards.We control on a daily basis the protection, the level of dust, control of the atmosphere, ventilation and extraction, cleaning of the filters.

Once we have all the perfect conditions, a thorough sanding is essential for a good application but it will also determine the good adhesion of the paint.

A thorough cleaning after each coat (primers, undercoats and finishing) will also allow a good adhesion. 

Once the painting has reached the highest quality and client expectations, we usually do an inspection and then allow the client to inspect in order to gain their acceptance of the project.

The yacht is still protected until the final delivery.