Cuba shipyard


Come and visit Cuba Shipyard !

As a part of Nautech’s development plans, our new, full-service refit and repair facility for yachts is available to clients in the Caribbean.

Located east of Cuba’s Bay of Havana, just 100 miles south of the US coast, the shipyard was founded in 1992.


Drydock :

151 m

Quay :

5 with a combined length of 1100 m


5 to 80 Tonnes

Main power connection :

of 380V / 500A

Cuba’s tools and dry dock

With over 25 years’ experience in marine repairs, the yard has a dedicated workforce of 500 employees, facilities and technical capabilities to carry out metal, mechanical, machining, piping and electrical work.

Without a doubt, the crew will enjoy their technical stop.

Cuba Shipyard


We have a steel shop with a roofed area of 3600m2, traveling cranes with a capacity of izaje of 5 rhyme and operatives contained in 3 specialties: linker-paileros, welders and support group to offer the following services:

  • Stell renewal work
  • Steel and aluminium structures
  • Repair of holds closure systems.
  • Repair of cranes and equipment’s for loading and unloading.
  • Processes submerged arc welding SAW, FCAW
  • Diesel engines, injection pumps and injectors overhauling and repairs.
  • Overhauling and repairs of turbochargers.
  • Repair of cranes and loading and unloading media.
  • Dynamical balancing of rotors till 3200 mm length, 1260 mm diameter and 440 Kg
  • Tail and intermediate shaft as well rudder system withdrawal and repair.
  • Propeller withdrawal, repair, polishing and balancing.
  • Overhauling and repair of A/E and deck machinery.
  • Valve overhauling and repairs.
  • Repairs with Chock fast and other materials.
  • Overhauling, cleaning and boiler repairs.
  • Heaters and coolers overhauling and repairing.
  • Nondestructive tests as Dye check, Magneflux, X Rays, Ultrasonic measurements.

We have a shop of 1200 area m2, cranes with an izaje capacity of until 3 rhyme and a team of specialized workers to offer the following services:

  • Overhauling and repairs of rotatory and stationary electric motors.
  • Rewinding of electric motors.
  • Assembly of electric systems and lines.
  • Overhauling, repairing and calibration of switches, starters, breakers, protections.
  • Construction and repair of electric switchboards.

We have the appropriate teams with tip technologies that make possible the cleaning and painting of the helmet, cover and confined spaces.

  • Scraping.
  • High pressure fresh water jet cleaning till 180 bar.
  • Degreasing.
  • Grit blasting to SA- 2½ Grade.
  • Painting.
  • Cleaning and colored of anchors and anchor chains.
  • Ultra high pressure fresh water jet cleaning till 2 400 bar, (hydroblasting).

We have two plants of production of industrial gases, oxygen and acetylene that manufacture the gas bottled to give to the patio and any client that it requires of these services:

  • Production and sale of Oxygen and Acetylene with a high purity levels.
  • Refilling with acetone acetylene cylinders.
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders valves overhauling, repairing and replacing.
  • Renovation and repair of valves of cylinders
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders rental.

A high qualified squad carries out overhauling and repairs works to different industries and to ships during loading and unloading operations at any Cuban port.

  • Steel, mechanical, electrical and carpentry works.
  • Assembly and repair of pipe systems, pumps, valves and heat exchangers overhauling and repairs.
  • Withdrawal overhauling and repairing of intermediate and tail shafts and rudder, rudder stock and steering gear repairs.
  • Overhauling and repair of M/E, A/E and deck machinery.
  • Overhauling, repairing, and rewinding of electric motors.
  • Repair of pumps and motors casings, also using “Metalock” process.
  • Cleaning and painting of any kind of structure.
  • Repairing and rebuilding works in factories, hotels and other kind of industries.
  • Bailing and cleaning of fuel storage tanks and residual treatment pools.
  • Steel repair of the tanks, (roof, walls, bottom and their stiffeners and pipe systems, etc.).
  • Cleaning and painting of tanks and their pipe systems.
  • Welding processes with SMAW coated electrode.
  • Assembly of domes and membranes of any capacity tanks.

Our yard offers the following additional services to non naval organizations counting with our technically well equipped experienced and specialized personnel.

  • Piping, pump, valve and cooler system mounting and repairing.
  • Shaft repair and re filling.
  • Diesel motor, Injection pump and injector repair.
  • Turbo blower repair.
  • Dynamic balancing for up to 420kgs weight, 1 260 mm diameter and 3 200 mm long rotors.
  • Repairs using chock fast and other polymers.
  • Non destructive Test using magnetic particles, ultrasound, X-ray and penetrating liquids.
  • Maintenance and repairs of electric motors including rotors and stators.
  • Rewinding of electrical motors.
  • Mounting of electrical systems and wiring lines.
  • Switch, protectors and starter repair and calibration.
  • Switch board construction and repair.
  • Pump bowl and motor block repair using Metalock stile as well as other equipments.
  • Structural conservation.
  • Pressure water cleaning (from 180 to 220 bars).
  • Hydro-blasting treatment at 2400 bars.
  • Aluminum and steel structure build up.
  • Metallurgical job build up including bridges, lighting towers, among others.
  • Fuel storage tank, interconnective lines, duct and drain tank anti-corrosive maintenance and build-up and industrial treatment, also included other facilities.
  • Leakage assistance, fuel oil tank and industrial waste pool cleaning.
  • Rental and re filling of cylinders with oxygen and acetylene also including valve changing.